Georgia Bound.

It’s happening. I’m moving…. again.

My husband is in Army training in Georgia, so he and I both thought it would be best if I moved down to Georgia to live with him. What a wacky idea, huh?? This is my last weekend in beautiful North Carolina, but I’m honestly just happy that I’ll still be in the South and not in a big city. I have an affinity for warmer temperatures and trees. Go figure. We’ve found ourselves a nice apartment and we’re ready to make the official move. It’ll be nice to feel like an adult again. For so long now we’ve either been living in the same house as our parents or in student housing. We haven’t had our own, genuine apartment together since I was in college back in 2006-07.

Since I’m a fitness enthusiast, you know the first thing that’s on my mind is “NEW GYM!!!” I’ve actually really enjoyed my time at O2 Fitness here in Chapel Hill and I’m sad to leave. It’s been such a friendly gym with great equipment (Although I could think of a few more things they need… like a lying leg curl machine. Who doesn’t have a lying leg curl machine?!). I love how many sets of free weights they have too. You never have to wait for anything. But who can say “no” to FREE Army gyms?! I must say, the Army has some pretty awesome gyms.  Obviously, there’s an intense focus on physical fitness within the military, so of course they’re going to make it easy for their troops (and their dependents) to stay in shape. It’s a shame that so many don’t take advantage of the facilities provided. Honestly, I can probably do more pull-ups than many of our soldiers (male and female) but that’s just the reality of the situation and possibly a good topic for a future blog.

Not only will I have access to free, awesome, Army gyms, but we will also have a fitness facility at our apartment complex and a really nice park next door. There will be no excuses to not be training. I’m also really excited to have my own refrigerator and pantry again. My parents always have little treats in the pantry and fridge that are way too tempting to me. They’re the “everything in moderation” types, which is fine, but doesn’t work for me and my lifestyle. I don’t like to keep any of that stuff in the house. Usually the only thing that I might have in my own pantry that I could potentially binge on is natural peanut butter.  I’m a wild one, aren’t I? I like to keep treats out of the house and really only partake in them when I go out to a restaurant.

My journey begins this morning, Monday, January 23rd, with a long drive down to Columbus, Georgia. My husband and I will be attending his OCS formal on Tuesday (yay! I get to wear a formal gown!). He’ll be graduating from OCS on Thursday, and he’ll be released to start the move on February 1st. I’m not looking forward to what follows that. All of our stuff is in NY, so we somehow have to get it moved to Georgia within 10 days. We’re pretty amazing at planning and logistics, so I know we’ll get it done. I just want it to go as smooth as possible and as you know, I’m a bit of an anxiety-ridden worrier. I’m excited though because I feel like our lives are really going to start now. Yeah, we’ve had a pretty exciting life so far (living in New York and London and doing some awesome traveling and meeting amazing people), but my husband’s career is about to kick off and who knows what I’ll be up to. Being an Army officer’s wife can be a full-time job of it’s own, plus I would like to get some personal training in.

Anyhow, wish us luck! I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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